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One of the best places to start and grow your business in the heart of Panjim city. We’re minutes away from the best of restaurants and other services.

IGNITE-EDC Innovation Hub offers the best plug & play office facilities for your business.

So Get-Set-Go

Our Offerings

Day Desk at Ignite Coworking Space

Day Desk

 Rs. 400/day *
 Rs. 500/day *
7th month onwards : Rs. 4,000/month*

Access to any available seating space in the designated open areas for a period of 1 business day.

Most Suited For
For the tech nomads who need office space for a day.

Coworking Space in Goa

Flexi Desk

Rs. 4,000/desk/month* 
7th month onwards : Rs. 3,500/ month*
7th month onwards

Pick your seat from the available ones and get started.

Most Suited For
Early-stage startups & Remote working teams.

coworking center

Dedicated Desk

Rs. 4,500/desk/month*
7th month onwards : Rs. 4,000/month*
7th month onwards

Enjoy the open work environment while you have your own designated space.

Most Suited For
Smaller firms and startups.

Private Cabins

Private Cabin

Rs. 5,500/desk/month*
7th month onwards : Rs. 4,000/month*
7th month onwards

Your own dedicated access controlled small office.

Most Suited For
Growing teams & Teams needing their own private space.

NOTE: Pricing is exclusive of GST & is on PER DESK basis. * T & C Apply

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Staff working hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM – 5:45 PM  except Statutory holidays.